Claudia is a Certified Master Trainer, Personal Trainer & Group Trainer with Multiple Specialties including Aquatic Fitness: Aqua Zumba and BeachBody. 
Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition & Weight Management, Bachelor in Spiritual Healing and Lifestyle Coach.

Claudia started taking music, dancing and swimming lessons when she was still a toddler as medical advise due to health challenges.She will always tell you IF  I CAN YOU CAN.

She started reading music before reading words because at the time she started taking music lessons, she was too young for school, so Her mom used to read for her the Theory of Music and Claudia memorize it to be able to keep up with her class…

She was always that curious kid that wanted to learn more things… so she studied Ballet plus other Dance formats such as Modern dance, Flamenco, Latin American dances, Rhythmic Gymnastics, and learn how to play several instruments.

She started to perform at the age of 6 in Charity events, playing music and dancing. Since then, she participated and organized many Charity events, which is another of her passions.

Claudia became a Music and Dance Teacher at the early age of 15 while still in high school and soon after she started teaching music and group exercise at home and assisting her dance teachers at the Conservatory where she graduated…

Years went by and She did what her doctors told her NOT TO EVER DO : quit DANCING…

By then Claudia had a good career a busy lifestyle a family and despite she loved it so much… NO TIME FOR DANCING…
For several years she didn’t feel any side effects of not being exercising so FITNESS became a thing of the past, something “for people with time”…

Well She was WRONG and her body took action to let her know so …

She developed  severe skin issues, autoimmune problems which can lead to arthritis, was prescribed heavy oral steroid medications to fight the issue  and was told by several specialists NO CURE JUST TREATMENT for your disease.

After a few years in oral Steroids, her health started to show some of it’s side effects on her health, including weight gain, headaches, muscle pain, back pain, Neck stiffness, Heel pain, balance issues,She kept taking her medications, going to Physiotherapy, wearing special shoes that “would help the situation…”

Her doctors once more said NO CURE…learn to live with it…

Being a curious character, rather than accept such statements, she decided SHE HAD ANOTHER PLANS FOR HERSELF AND HER FUTURE  and keep going downhill wasn’t in her plans,  so instead to complain she engineered her CHANGE TO A BETTER LIFE .

Her First step was :  DECIDE to COMMIT to a Complete LIFESTYLE CHANGE

She decided to become a SPECIALIST in NUTRITION and she did.

Her Second step was :  EXERCISE REGULARLY (make it a HABIT) 

Her THIRD STEP and the most difficult one : CONSISTENCY 

                           Her Formula : DECIDE + COMMIT = SUCCEED

Claudia eats a balanced diet, which mixes a little bit of everything in moderation. She is not a Vegetarian, not a Vegan, loves veggies but she is an omnivore.
Her Healthy eating habits at the beginning were improved by a Whole Food SUPPLEMENT that changed her life forever and helped her  balance her system in such a magical way that for the first time in years she started to avoid her prescriptions and her health kept improving
Today she lives a Healthy Life, STEROIDS FREE  thanks to Healthy Food Choices & Fitness.

Claudia has such a Super Positive Attitude that’s Contagious !

She became a Bilingual Motivational Speaker for WELLNESS participating in hundreads of Seminars in Latin America and USA sharing stage with World Class Leaders and Scientifics.

Participated in several Radio Programs as a guest and Co Host  sharing Wellness  tips with audiences in English and Spanish.

She has the skills and experience to guide you thru your desired transformation helping you overcome fears and frustrations.

If you feel you need a Change but don’t have the Discipline nor the Drive to do it on your own Contact Claudia.She will sit down with you, talk and design a WELLNESS PLAN to fit your lifestyle so the Change is done always in a positive way. She will Engineer a “Positive Life Change Plan” for you , to reach your Fitness and Wellness Goals just like She did for Herself. IT WORKS!