All sessions are 1 Hour and Completely Customized to “Fit” your favorite type of training .

Cardiovascular fitness, Muscular Strength and Endurance, Flexibility, Low or High Impact, Interval training and for the ones who don’t identify themselves with regular exercise we can dance to the rhytm of Latin Music and/or your favorite songs to enjoy yourself and have fun while you get a workout that will reflect great results! or if you like to workout in water we can go to the Pool and have some fun with Aquatic Personalized Fitness !

  • One on One Sessions at your Place
  • One on One Sessions at my Facility
  • One on One Online Training
  • Family/Friends Training at your Place
  • Family/Friends Training Exclusive Online Session
  • CORPORATE FITNESS Small and Big Groups

Claudia firmly believes that the key to Sustainable Fitness is to design a program that “fits” the client and/or small group of clients, rather than trying to change someone’s lifestyle overnight. She always suggests baby steps and CONSISTENCY.
A lot of small Changes will become HABITS, which is the Key to Sustainable Fitness that can be maintained for a lifetime.

“The Magic Formula” doesn’t exist, it doesn’t matter how many skills your trainer has, in order to achieve the results you dreamed with when hiring a Personal Trainer,
You need to acquire or reinforce Healthy Habits.

Did you know that 75% of the people who exercise are not getting the results they want?
Out of the 25 % of people who are getting the results they want 90 % are working with a Qualified Personal Trainer

Claudia’s guidance can help you achieve and maintain your desired Fitness Level by supporting you thru the process of making the Physical and Emotional Changes Necessary to avoid the mistakes that forced previous failures…
Be part of that 25 % of Successful Fitness Achievers!

You can choose the type of exercise you identify with and Claudia will Customize a Routine to help you achieve your Specific Goals…

Please Contact us for details and Prices.